Essential Histories

Essential Histories 74 The Second War of Italian Unification 1859-61. Pb. 9781849087872

  • The Second War of Italian Unification 1859-61. Essential Histories 74
  • Author: Frederick C. Schneid
  • Paperback; June 2012; 96 pages

Essential Histories 60 The Spanish Invasion of Mexico 1519 - 1521. Paperback

  • Spanish Invasion of Mexico 1519–1521. Essential Histories 60 
  • Charles M. Robinson III. illustrated by Jim Laurier
  • 96 pages. 2004. This book explains the background of the Aztec Empire and of the Spanish presence in Mexico. It describes the lives of the Aztecs in their glittering capital and of the Europeans who learned to adapt and survive in an alien and often dangerous world.

Essential Histories 57 Genghis Khan & the Mongol Conquests 1190-1400

  • Genghis Khan and the Mongol Conquests 1190-1400. Essential Histories 57
  • by Stephen Turnbull. 96 pages. The history of the Mongol conquests is a catalogue of superlatives. So vast was the extent of the Mongol Empire that the samurai of Japan and the Teutonic Knights of Prussia had each fought the same enemy while being unaware of each others existence

Essential Histories 50 The Texan War of Independence 1835-1836.

  • Texan War of Independence 1835–1836. Essential Histories 50
  • Author: Alan C Huffines
  • 96 pages. The Texas Revolution is remembered chiefly for the 13-day siege of the Alamo and its immortal heroes. This book describes the war and the preceding years that were marked by resentments and minor confrontations as the ambitions of Mexico's leaders clashed with the territorial determination of Texian settlers. Reduced price

Essential Histories 42 Caesar's Civil War 49-44 BC.

  • Caesar's Civil War 49-44 BC. Essential Histories 42
  • by Goldsworthy
  • In January 49 BC Julius Caesar made the famous night crossing of the River Rubicon. This was the historic boundary between Italy and the provinces that no general was allowed to cross without permission from the Senate With this action he deliberately entered into a civil war that lasted four years and raged across Italy, Spain, Africa, Greece, Asia and Egypt. His opponent was Pompey the Great, a former ally but now Caesar's political enemy.

Essential Histories 35 The Second World War (2) Europe 1939-1943.

  • Second World War (2) Europe 1939-1943. Essential Histories 35
  • In 1939 Europe was plunged into a second general conflagration, barely 20 years after the 'war to end all wars'. While many of the participants were the same as the First World War, this conflict was far more than a re-match of 1914-1918.

Essential Histories 26 The Wars of Alexander the Great 336-323 BC.

  • The Wars of Alexander the Great 336-323 BC. Essential Histories 26
  • Heckel
  • The age of Alexander and his conquest of the Persian (Achaemenid) Empire, which had existed for over two centuries, represents a watershed in the history of the world.

Essential Histories 22 The First World War 3. The Western Front 1917-1918

  • First World War 3: The Western Front 1917-1918. Essential Histories 22
  • by Peter Simkins
  • In this volume covering the war on the Western Front, Professor Peter Simkins describes the last great battles of attrition at Arras, on the Aisne and at Passchendaele in 1917. Then he moves on to relate the successive offensives launched by Germany in the spring and summer of 1918 in an effort to achieve victory or a favourable peace before American manpower proved decisive.

Essential Histories 21 Rome at War AD 293-696.

  • Rome at War AD 293-696. Essential Histories 21
  • Michael Whitby
  • In the early third century AD the Roman Empire was near the peak of its power: it controlled territory which stretched from the borders of Iraq to southern Scotland, and from the Sahara to the North Sea, while its influence extended beyond its formal frontiers.

Essential Histories 19 The 100 Years War

  • The 100 Years War. Essential Histories 19
  • By Anne Curry.
  • Paperback; November 2002; 96 pages

Essential Histories 10 American Civil War 2. The War in the West 1861 - July 1863

  • American Civil War 2. The War in the West 1861 - July 1863. Essential Histories 10
  • Paperback; September 2001; 96 pages

Essential Histories 04 American Civil War 1. The War in the East 1861 - May 1863. Paperback

  • American Civil War 1. The War in the East 1861 - May 1863. Essential Histories 4
  • Paperback; January 2001; 96 pages

Ess. Histories Second World War, Set of 6 volumes

  • The Second World War, Set of 6 volumes (ESS 18, 24, 30, 32, 35, 48)
  • 1. The Pacific
  • 2. Europe 1939-1943
  • 3. The War at Sea
  • 4. The Mediterranean 1940-1945
  • 5. The Eastern Front 1941-1945
  • 6. Northwest Europe 1940-1945
  • Normal price E84,00. Now only 45,99