O'Connor: The Archaeology of Animal Bones. 2nd edition. Paperback

  • Archaeology of Animal Bones. 2nd edition. Paperback.
  • by Terry O'Connor
  • 224 pages, 40 illustrations. 2008. This is a fascinating introduction for anyone seeking how to understand how these bones can shed light on our knowledge of the past, as well as the complex relationship between human and animals.
Animal ecologists can observe the present and reconstruct the last one or two centuries from historical sources, but the study of animal bones adds valuable insight into the peoples and landscapes of the past while telling much about the evolution of human-animal relationships. In this standard work, now available in paperback, O’Connor offers a detailed overview of the study of animal bones. He analyzes bone composition and structure and the archaeological evidence left by the processes of life, death, and decomposition. He goes on to look at how bone is excavated, examined, described, identified, measured, and reassembled into skeletons. The bulk of the book is devoted to the interpretation of bone fragments, which tell much about the animals themselvestheir health, growth, diet, injuries, and age at death.