Dummett: Syracuse, City of Legends. A Glory of Sicily. pb

  • Syracuse, City of Legends. A Glory of Sicily.
  • Dummett, Jeremy
  • Pb., 272 pages, 14 bw, 17 colour in 8pp plates, 12 maps. 234 x 156 mm. 2015.
Dubbed “the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all” by Cicero, Syracuse also boasts the richest history of anywhere in Sicily. This book–the first modern historical guide to the city–explores Syracuse’s place within the island and the wider Mediterranean and reveals why it continues to captivate visitors today, more than two and a half millennia after its foundation. For more than 1,600 years, Syracuse was the leading city in Sicily and, at times one of the most powerful in the world. Over its long and colorful life, it has been home to many creative figures who have all contributed to its rich history and atmosphere. Generously illustrated, this vivid and engaging book weaves together the history, architecture and archaeology of Syracuse and is a compelling introduction to its ancient and modern history.