Murnane: Ancient Egypt. Paperback

  • Ancient Egypt.
  • W.J. Murnane
  • Paperback, 520 pages, 210 x 150 mm.
Originally published as the Penguin Guide to Ancient Egypt, William Murnane's book is widely considered the finest, most scholarly and most readable guide to the glories of Ancient Egypt ever written. Now, after years out of print, this edition, revised by Aidan Dodson of Bristol University, will bring Murnane's engaging yet rigorous learning to a new audience. Complete with a chapter on the wonderful medieval architecture of Cairo, and practical information.

The book combines a guide with a compact yet wide-ranging cultural history and contains: o A complete background to Ancient Egypt, including its people and institutions o Descriptions of the sites, all fully cross-referenced to the text o Itineraries of the most significant Pharaonic remains from the Delta to Aswan, as well as Christian sites, and the great Islamic monuments around Cairo o Detailed surveys of major monuments and accessible sites off the beaten track o Over 200 area maps, plans and photographs o Practical information.