Weapon 11 Beretta M9 Pistol. Paperback 9781849085267

  • Beretta M9 Pistol. Weapon 9
  • Author: Leroy Thompson Illustrator: Johnny Shumate
  • Paperback; September 2011; 80 pages
  • The volume traces the Beretta designs that preceded the M9, as well as its use on the battlefield, including the impact it has had on close combat training due its the larger magazine capacity. It also details the adoption of the Beretta by US law enforcement agencies and the impact this has had.
An examination of the first recognisable culture in the New World: the Clovis complex. Gary Haynes begins his analysis with a discussion of the archaeology of Clovis fluted points in North America and a review of the history of the research on the topic. He presents and evaluates all the evidence that is now available on the artefacts, the human populations of the time, and the environment, and he examines the adaptation of the early human settlers in North America to the simultaneous disappearance of the mammoths and mastodonts. Haynes offers a compelling re-appraisal of our current state of knowledge about the peopling of this continent and provides a significant new contribution to the debate with his own integrated theory of Clovis, which incorporates vital new biological, ecological, behavioural and archaeological data.