McNab: Hitler’s Fortresses. German Fortifications and Defences 1939-45. Hb

  • Hitler’s Fortresses. German Fortifications and Defences 1939-45
  • Chris McNab Hardback; March 2014; 396 pages
Hitler’s Fortresses: German Fortifications and Defences 1939–45 is a detailed guide to every level of defensive project in the Third Reich. It takes you inside Channel Islands pillboxes, Normandy coastal gun positions and emplaced tank turrets on the Gothic Line in Italy. The secretive world of Hitler’s command bunkers is revealed in detail, and the principles and engineering of basic frontline defences are explained, showing how the average German soldier prepared to stand his ground. There is also a dedicated chapter on special-purpose fortifications, including U-boat pens, V-weapon sites and flak towers. This complete journey into German wartime fortifications reveals much about the strategic and tactical thinking of Hitler and his Wehrmacht, and combat accounts explore how effective the defences were in practice. The book is illustrated throughout with more than 200 artworks, maps and photographs.
  • Introduction
  • Hitler’s Headquarters – The Führer’s Command Bunkers
  • Protecting the Homeland – Germany’s Border Defences
  • Defence of the Periphery – The Atlantic Wall
  • Mountain Barriers – German Defensive Lines in Italy
  • Etched in the Earth – Field Fortifications
  • Specialist Fortifications – Protecting the U-Boats and V-Weapons
  • Glossary
  • Further Reading
  • Index