Babur: Babur-Nama. (Memoirs of Babur.) Hardcover

  • Babur: Babur-Nama. (Memoirs of Babur.) Translated from the original Turkish text of Zahiru'd-din Muhammad Babur Padshah Ghazi by Annette Susannah Beveridge.
  • Two Volumes bound in one. Hardback, c. 23x17 cm. c. 940 pages.
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The Memoirs are unique not only from the historical but also from the
literary point of view.<-p>

The book in two volumes(Bound in one.) is a translation of Babur
Padhshah`s Autobiography, made from original Turki text. It truly embodies the career of
the founder of the Mughal empire in India. It has the rare distinction of being
contemporary with the events it describes. Baburnamah has the complete record of Babur`s
life (1493-1529) when Babur ascended the throne at the young age of eleven to September
1529 which he had establisehd himself as a monarch.<-p>

What has kept interest in it alive through some four countries is the autobiographic presentation of an arresting personality. its whole manner. style and
diction. It reflects the personal quality of its author. With the memoirs of Babur began
the tradition of autobiographical writings followed by some of his successors. These
memoirs are unique not only from the historical point of view but also from the rich
literacy contributions to the oriental languages.<-p>