Raid 20 The Great Chevauchée. John of Gaunt’s Raid on France 1373. Paperback

  • The Great Chevauchée. John of Gaunt’s Raid on France 1373. Raid 20
  • Author: David Nicolle; Illustrator: Peter Dennis
  • Paperback; May 2011; 80 pages
In 1373, John of Gaunt set off from Calais on a great raid to strike at the heart of France. Driven by the high ideals of chivalry,the raiders left with epic pageantry. However, the reality soon overwhelmed the raiders. Beset on all sides by French ambushes and plagued by disease and starvation, the raiders battled their way through Champagne, east of Paris, into Burgundy, across the Massif Central and finally down into the Dordogne. Unable to attack any major fortifications, John of Gaunt’s men plundered the countryside, raiding towns and villages, weakening the French infrastructure. While the military value of the raid is debatable, the English knights who finally made it home were hailed as heroes. This book charts the course of the raid from beginning to end, studying all the battles and skirmishes the raiders fought along the way in this bloody example of chivalric warfare.
  • Introduction
  • Origins of the raid
  • Initial Strategy
  • The Plan
  • The Raid
  • Analysis
  • Further Reading