Fortress 41 Stephenson: The Channel Islands 1941-45. Hitler's Impregnable Fortress

  • Channel Islands 1941–45. Hitler's Impregnable Fortress. Fortress 41
  • Author: Charles Stephenson. Illustrator: Chris Taylor
  • 2006. Pb. 64 pages.
Following the fall of France and the surrender of Paris on 14 June 1940, the British Government announced that the Channel Islands had no strategic importance and would not be defended. The Germans occupied the islands from the end of June onwards and remained in control until the end of the war. On 10 October 1941 Hitler announced his intention to 'convert them into an impregnable fortress', and the islands formed the most heavily fortified and defended section of the entire Atlantic Wall. This book describes the design, construction and manning of these defensive positions, as well as considering more widely the occupation of the Channel Islands by the Germans.
Introduction · World War II · Anatomy of an ‘impregnable fortress’ · The principles of defence · The living site · Finale · The sites today · Bibliography · Index