Essential Histories 74 The Second War of Italian Unification 1859-61. Pb. 9781849087872

  • The Second War of Italian Unification 1859-61. Essential Histories 74
  • Author: Frederick C. Schneid
  • Paperback; June 2012; 96 pages
The culmination of decades of nationalist aspiration and cynical Realpolitik, the Second War of Italian Unification saw Italy transformed from a patchwork of minor states dominated by the Habsburg Austrians into a unified kingdom under the Piedmontese House of Savoy. Unlike many existing accounts, which approach the events of 1859–61 from a predominantly French perspective, this study draws upon a huge breadth of sources to examine the conflict as a critical event in Italian history. A concise explanation of the origins of the war is followed by a wide-ranging survey of the forces deployed and the nature and course of the fighting – on land and at sea – and the consequences for those involved are investigated. This is a groundbreaking study of a conflict that was of critical significance not only for Italian history but also for the development of 19th-century warfare.
  • Introduction
  • Chronology
  • Background to War
  • Warring Sides
  • Outbreak
  • The Fighting
  • Portrait of a Soldier
  • Portrait of a Civilian
  • How the War Ended
  • The World around War
  • Conclusions and Consequences
  • Further Reading