Men-at-Arms 464 World War II Soviet Armed Forces (1) 1939-41. Paperback

  • World War II Soviet Armed Forces (1) 1939-41. Men-at-Arms 464
  • Author: Nigel Thomas Illustrator: Darko Pavlovic
  • Paperback; October 2010; 48 pages
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This book is a detailed analysis of the Soviet Army at the outbreak of World War II, including the Red Army’s campaigns against Japan on the Manchurian plains as well as in Finland. It covers the Red Army’s first operations during Operation Barbarossa when the Red Army was forced to defend Mother Russia against the German onslaught. It offers a breakdown of all the armed forces including the army, air force, paratroopers, navy and NKVD troops. In particular it covers the evolution of uniforms, equipment and insignia with the introduction of new regulations in 1935 and 1940.