Men-at-Arms 490. Imperial German Colonial and Overseas Troops 1885-1918. Paperback

  • Imperial German Colonial and Overseas Troops 1885–1918. Men-at-Arms 490.
  • Author: Alejandro de Quesada; Illustrator: Stephen Walsh
  • Paperback; August 2013; 48 pages
This book tells and illustrates the little-known story of Germany’s 30-year episode as a colonial power in Africa and the Pacific, and her enclave in China. Under the ambitious young Kaiser Wilhelm II, rivalry with the old colonial powers saw the protectorates originally established by trading companies transformed into crown colonies, garrisoned by the newly raised Schutztruppe with emergency support from the Imperial Navy’s Sea Battalions. This book explains their organization and operations, including the horrific 1904-07 Herero campaign in Southwest Africa. It is illustrated with rare photos, and with color plates detailing a wide variety of the uniforms of German and native troops alike.
  • Historical introduction
  • Chronology
  • Organization, uniforms, equipment and weapons of: Schutztruppe (Cameroons, German East Africa, German South-West Africa) – Colonial officials and staff – Colonial police forces
  • Native troops in German colonies (Africa, China, New Guinea, Samoa) – the East Asia Regiments
  • the Imperial German Marines
  • Bibliography
  • Plate commentaries
  • Index