Raid 07 The Blocking of Zeebrugge. Operation Z-O 1918

  • The Blocking of Zeebrugge. Operation Z-O 1918 Raid 7
  • Author: Stephen Prince; Illustrators: Donato Spedaliere, Giuseppe Rava
  • Paperback; May 2010; 64 pages
On the night of 22–23 April 1918 the Royal Navy carried out a raid on the German held ports of Zeebrugge and Ostend – Operation Z-O. Under the cover of clouds and smoke, over 70 ships and an assault force of 1,800 Royal Marines embarked on a daring mission which involved a vicious battle of incredible intensity. However, despite the gallant and courageous efforts of the attackers, 11 of whom were later awarded the Victoria Cross, the raid was only partly successful. Discover the successes and failures of this dramatic raid in this in-depth account, complete with specially commissioned battlescene artwork. The author reveals how despite failure, the raid demonstrated to Germany that Britain was still capable of offensive action, even as its armies were being forced back.