Combat Aircraft 035. Lancaster Squadrons 1944-45.

  • Lancaster Squadrons 1944-45. Combat Aircraft 35.
  • Author: Jon Lake; Illustrator: Chris Davey
  • Paperback; December 2002; 96 pages
The RAF's most successful heavy bomber of World War 2, the Avro Lancaster formed the backbone of Bomber Command during the large-scale night bombing campaign against occupied Europe. Produced in massive numbers (over 7300 up to VE-Day), the first examples entered squadron service on Christmas Eve 1941, and tasted combat the following March. The second of two volumes on the British bomber icon of World War 2, this book details Bomber Command's massive nocturnal bombing campaign, its support for the D-Day landings, Tallboy raids against the U-boat pens in France and the battleship Tirpitz in Norway, and the final daylight missions of 1945.