Warrior163 Spartan Warrior 735-331 BC. Pb. 9781849087001

  • Spartan Warrior 735-331 BC. Warrior 163
  • Author: Duncan B Campbell, Illustrator: Steve Noon
  • Paperback; July 2012; 64 pages
Immortalized through their exploits at the battle of Thermopylae under the legendary Leonidas, as well as countless other victories throughout the classical period, the Spartans were some of the best-trained, -organized and most-feared warriors of the ancient world. The small state of Sparta, known to the Ancient Greeks as Lakedaimon, developed a unique warrior society that used serfs and non-citizens to do all of the manual work, leaving the free-born men of Sparta free to concentrate all of their energies on warfare. Forbidden from engaging in any form of manual labour, these Spartan warriors were trained from an early age in a brutal regime that gave them the necessary discipline and tolerance to withstand the pressures of phalanx warfare and endure all manner of hardships on campaign. This book covers all aspects of the Spartan warrior’s life, from the earliest days of his training through his life in peace and war, culminating in the battlefield experiences of these feared combatants.
  • Introduction
  • Chronology
  • Conscription and Enlistment
  • Training
  • Appearance
  • Weapons and Equipment
  • Belief and Belonging
  • Conditions of Service
  • On Campaign
  • The Aftermath of Battle
  • Collections and Museums