Cambridge History of China: Volume 06: Alien Regimes and Border States, 907-1368. Hardback

  • Cambridge History of China: Volume 06: Alien Regimes and Border States, 907-1368. Hardback
  • edited by Denis C. Twitchett, Herbert Franke
  • 816 pages, with 8 tables, 37 maps, 6 figures, glossary-index, bibliography. 1995

Herbert Franke, Denis Twitchett, Ruth Dunnell, Thomas Allsen, Morris Rossabi, Hsiao Ch'i-ch'ing, John Dardess, Elizabeth Endicott-West, Frederick W. Mote


This volume deals with four non-Chinese regimes: the Khitan dynasty of Liao; the Tangut state of Hsi Hsia; the Jurchen empire of Chin; and the Mongolian Yuan dynasty that eventually engulfed the whole of China. It investigates the historical background from which these regimes emerged and shows how each in its own way set up viable institutions for the control of a multi-racial, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural population. It discusses these problems not just as a long negative episode in China’s history, but shows the ingenuity and adaptability of these states, and their success in achieving political and social stability. The volume presents the fullest chronological account of the period, in which political, institutional, social, and economic changes are integrated as far as possible, and sees the period against a broad background of international relations in Northern and Central Asia.

Chapter Contents

General editor’s preface; List of maps; Preface to Volume 6; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; A-pao-chi’s descent and the structure of the Yeh-l| clan; Outline genealogy of Liao; Liao emperors and their regnal titles; Genealogy of the Hsia ruling house; Hsia gegnal titles; Genealogy of the early Jurchen rulers; Genealogy of the Chin emperors; Chin regnal titles; Chart of Mongolian rulers; Regnal titles of Mongolian rulers; Capital cities; Introduction; 1. The Liao; 2. The Hsi Hsia; 3. The Chin; 4. The rise of the Mongolian Empire; 5. The reign of Khubilai; 6. Mid-Y|an politics; 7. Shun-ti and the end of Y|an rule in China; 8. The Y|an government and society; 9. Chinese society under Mongol rule, 1215–1368; Bibliographic notes; Bibliography; Glossary; Index.