Cambridge History of China: Volume 11: Late Ch'ing, 1800-1911. Part 2. Hardback.

  • Cambridge History of China: Volume 11: Late Ch'ing, 1800-1911. Part 2.
  • Edited by John K. Fairbank, Kwang-Ching Liu
  • Hardback, 784 pages, 14 maps, glossary, index, bibliography. 1980

John K. Fairbank, Kwang-Ching Liu, Albert Feuerwerker, Immanuel C. Y. Hsu, Yen-P’ing Hao, Erh-min Wang, Kwang-Ching Liu, Richard J. Smith, Hao Chang, Marius Jansen, Chuzo Ichiko, Wellington K. K. Chan, Michael Gasster, Marianne Bastid- Bruguierre


This is the second of two volumes in this major Cambridge history dealing with the gradual decline of the Ch’ing empire in China (the first was volume 10). Volume 11 surveys the persistence and deterioration of the old order in China during the late nineteenth century, and the profound stirring during that period, which led to China’s great twentieth-century revolution. The contributors focus on commercial and technological growth, foerign relations, the stimulation of Chinese intellectual life by the outside world, and military triumphs and disasters. The impact of Japan is emphasized and there is consideration of the movements of reform and revoution in the two decades before 1911. As the contributors to this volume show, the effects of the accelerating changes were to fragment the old ruling class and the ancient monarcht, finally bringing the Chinese people face to face with the challenges of the new century. Each chapter is written by a specialist from the international community of sinological scholars. Many of the accounts break new ground; all are based on fresh research. This volume has been designed both to be consulted as a work of reference and to be read continuously. No knowledge of Chinese is necessary; for readers with Chinese, proper names and terms are identified with their characters in the glossary, and full references to Chinese, Japanese and other works are given in the bibliographies. Numerous maps illustrate the text, and each author has added a bibliopgraphical essay decribing the source materials on which his account is based.

Chapter Contents

Preface John K. Fairbank and Kwang-Ching Liu; 1. Economic trends in the late Ch’ing empire, 1870–1911 Albert Feuerwerker; 2. Late Ch’ing foreign relations, 1866–1905 Immanuel C. Y. Hsu; 3. Changing Chinese views of Western relations, 1840–95 Yen-P’ing Hao and Erh-min Wang; 4. The military challenge: the northwest and the coast Kwang-Ching Liu and Richard J. Smith; 5. Intellectual change and the reform movement, 1890–8 Hao Chang; 6. Japan and the Chinese Revolution of 1911 Marius Jansen; 7. Political and institutional reform, 1901–11 Chuzo Ichiko; 8. Government, merchants and industry to 1911 Wellington K. K. Chan; 9. The republican revolutionary movement Michael Gasster; 10. Currents of Social change Marianne Bastid-Bruguierre; Bibliographical essays; Bibliography; Glossary-Index.