Cambridge History of China: Volume 13: Republican China 1912-1949, Part 2. Hardback

  • Cambridge History of China: Volume 13: Republican China 1912-1949 Part 2.
  • Edited by John K. Fairbank, Albert Feuerwerker
  • Hardback, 1012 pages, with bibliography, glossary-index, 31 tables, 19 maps. 1986
  • Edited by John K. Fairbank, Albert Feuerwerker
  • Contributors Mary B. Rankin, John K. Fairbank, Albert Feuerwerker, Shinkichi Ero, Lloyd E. Eastman, Jerome Ch’en, Ramon H. Myers, Lucien Bianco, Philip A. Kuhn, Eru Zen Sun, Leo Ou-Fan Lee, Akira Iriye, Lloyd E. Eastman, Lyman Van Slyke, Suzanne Pepper, Stuart Schram
  • This is the second of two volumes of this authoritative history which review the Republican period. The titanic drama of the Chinese Revolution is one of the major world events of modern times. The fifteen authors of this volume are pioneers in its exploration and analysis, and their text is designed to meet the needs of non-specialist readers. After a preliminary overview stressing economic and social history, the History presents a narrative of events in China’s foreign relations to 1931, and in the political history of the Nationalist government and its Communist opponents from 1927 to 1937. Subsequent chapters analyse key governmental, educational and literary - offering critical appraisal of the major achievements and problems in each of these areas. Finally, the volume examines China’s war of resistance, the civil war to 1949, and the portentous development of the thought of Mao Tse-tung before coming to power.
  • Chapter Contents
  • General editors’ preface; List of maps; List of tables; Preface to volume; 1. Introduction: perspectives on modern China’s history Mary B. Rankin, John K. Fairbank and Albert Feuerwerker; 2. China’s international relations 1911-1931 Shinkichi Ero; 3. Nationalist China during the Nanking decade 192-1937 Lloyd E. Eastman; 4. The Communist movement 1927-1937 Jerome Ch’en; 5. The agrarian system Ramon H. Myers; 6. Peasant movements Lucien Bianco; 7. The development of local government Philip A. Kuhn; 8. The growth of the academic community 1912-1949 Eru Zen Sun; 9. Literary trends: the road to revolution 1927-1949 Leo Ou-Fan Lee; 10. Japanese aggression and China’s international position 1931-1949 Akira Iriye; 11. Nationalist China during the Sino-Japanese War 1937-1945 Lloyd E. Eastman; 12. The Chinese Communist movement during the Sino-Japanese War 1937-1945 Lyman Van Slyke; 13. The KMT-CCP conflict 1945-1949 Suzanne Pepper; 14. Mao Tse-tung’s thought to 1949 Stuart Schram; Bibliographical essays; Bibliography; Conversion table; Glossary; Index.