Sturluson: The Uppsala Edda. pb

  • The Uppsala Edda. DG 11 4to.
  • Snorri Sturluson; Heimir Palsson; Faulkes, Anthony
  • Pb. 462 pages, 238 x 216 mm. Text and translation
  • Morgan: Power of the Beast: Human-Animal Symbolism in Egyptian and Aegean Art.
  • Goedicke: Khu-u-Sobek´s Fight in `Asia´
  • Krauss: An examination of Khayn´s place in W.A. Ward´s seriation of royal Hyksos scarabs;
  • Spalinger: Praise God and Pay the Priests;
  • Fuscaldo: A Preliminary Report on the Pottery from the Late Hyksos Period Settlement at ‘Ezbet Helmi (Area H/III, Strata D/3, D/3-D/2 and D/2)
  • Braun - van den Brink: Some Comments on the Late EB I Sequence of Canaan and the Relative Dating of Tomb Uj at Umm el Ga‘ab and Graves 330 and 787 from Minshat Abu Omar with Imported Ware: Views from Egypt and Canaan;
  • Szafranski: Seriation and Aperture Index 2 of the Beer Bottles from Tell el-Dab‘a.