Rohl: A Test of Time: The Bible - From Myth to History. Paperback

  • Test of Time: The Bible - From Myth to History. Paperback
  • David Rohl
  • 592 pages, 79 plates. 2001.
By employing the same basic methodologies used to establish the currently accepted chronology, it has been possible for a group of young archaeologists, including David Rohl, to create a New Chronology which resolves many of the problems permeating ancient world studies. In particular, one model has been developed which has major implications for Old Testament research. Through the revision of the master chronology of ancient Egypt they have unlocked the key to biblical history - the epic events of the Bible really did happen as recorded in the Books of Genesis, Exodus, Judges, Samuel, Kings and Chronicles - the problem was that we had previously been looking for them in completely the wrong place in time.Many of the conundrums of the past are explained, and legendary figures such as Joseph, Moses, David and Solomon find their true political setting.

Exodus and Conquest will be restored to history and the magic of legend will begin to make its great comeback