Das: A Tibetan-English Dictionary. With Sanskrit Synonyms. hb.

  • Tibetan-English Dictionary. With Sanskrit Synonyms.
  • Sarat Chandra Das.
  • Hardback, Bibliography, xii, 340pp., Royal 4vo.

This is an improved, enlarged Dictionary enriched with additional Sanskrit terms, as compared to Tibetan-English-Dictionary published in 1834. This valuable dictionary has been arranged with Tibetan words in alphabetical order; their accepted Sanskrit equivalents, English renderings of the Tibetan terms; and the meaning of each technical term illustrated by extracts from Sanskrit, Buddhist and Tibetan Works. Included in the Dictionary Tibetan words not included in the earlier Dictionary, such as words used in current literature, every-day business, refined idiomatic literature, drama, fiction, correspondence etc.

A valuable treasure for scholars, philosophers, academicians and all those interested in Tibetan language, to guide and assist in the exploration of the vast literature of Tibet, which besides indigenous works, comprises almost all the Buddhist religious works of India.