Fortress106 Forts of the War of 1812. Paperback. 9781849085762

  • Forts of the War of 1812. Fortress 106
  • Author: RenĂ© Chartrand Illustrator: Donato Spedaliere
  • Paperback; February 2012; 64 pages. 9781849085762
About this book
When war broke out between the United States and Great Britain in 1812, neither side was prepared for the conflict, as evidenced by their respective fortifications. The most sophisticated and modern fortifications were those built by the US Corps of Engineers to protect some of the main port cities. These included Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, Fort McHenry in Baltimore and Castle William in New York. The British also heavily fortified their main harbor at Halifax and their main center of power at Quebec. However, elsewhere, especially in the interior, fortifications were old, neglected or only hastily erected. The forts at Detroit and Mackinac were much as the British had left them in 1796. This book covers all of the main fortifications of the conflict, those that faced the crashing of guns and those whose intimidation played a part in the grand strategy of the war.
  • Introduction: US early fortifications systems and British Forts in North America
  • US and British Forts Guarding the Canadian Frontier (including battles, especially on the Niagara)
  • Coastal Forts (including battles at Baltimore and New Orleans)
  • Life in the forts
  • Select Bibliography
  • Index