Aviation Elite 01 Jagdgeschwader 2 'Richthofen'

  • Jagdgeschwader 2 Richthofen. Aviation Elite Units 1
  • by John Weal
  • 128 pages, numerous black-white and colour illustrations. 2000.

Tracing its roots to Manfred, Freiherr von Richthofen's 'Flying Circus' of WWI, the Jagdgeschwader 'Richthofen' is arguably the most famous fighter unit of all time. Designated JG 1 during the Great War, then disbanded following defeat, the Jagdgeschwader reformed as JG 132. By September 1939 the unit had become JG 2, seeing much action during the Blitzkrieg and Battle of Britain. This first in a new series focusing on elite fighter and bomber units, charts the career of JG 2 from its first aerial kills in 1939 to the destruction of its own Fw 190s in the face of the Allied advance in 1945.

  • Chapter 1: The Early Years
  • Chapter 2: Hostilities
  • Chapter 3: Guarding the Ramparts
  • Chapter 4: Retreat and Defeat
  • Appendices
  • Commentary on the colour artwork