Elite 028 Medieval Siege Warfare. pb

  • Medieval Siege Warfare. Elite 28
  • Christopher Gravett, illustrations by Richard and Christa Hook.
  • Paperback; May 1990; 64 pages; ISBN: 9780850459470
During the Middle Ages siege warfare played a vital role in military strategy. Sieges were far more numerous than pitched battles, ranging from small-scale affairs against palisaded earthworks to full-scale assaults on vast strongholds. Needless to say, the art of siege warfare assumed a unique importance to both invader and defender alike. In this title Christopher Gravett explores the different aspects of medieval siege warfare, from chivalrous formalities to 'surprise and treachery', in a text backed by numerous illustrations including 12 full page colour plates by Richard and Christa Hook.
Introduction · Castles and Fortified Towns · Setting a Siege · Siege Techniques and Engines · Artillery · The Plates