New Vanguard 030 Amtracs. US Amphibious Assault Vehicles

  • Amtracs: US Amphibious Assault Vehicles. New Vanguard 30
  • Author: Steven J Zaloga. Illustrators: Terry Hadler, Mike Badrocke
  • Paperback; September 1999; 50 pages
The first prototype for the LVT (Landing Vehicle Tracked) was completed in July 1941, its design based on the Alligator, a tracked amphibious vehicle developed for rescue operations in the swamps of Florida. Though the early conception of amtrac operations envisioned using LVTs solely as supply vehicles, at Tarawa amtracs demonstrated their utility as assault vehicles to carry troops, leading to the development of new models. This book covers the evolution of amtracs, from the first LVT-1 to the LVT-7; their numerous variants; and their use throughout World War II and beyond.
Amphibian Vehicles · Tarawa: New Tactics · Amtanks and Fire Support · Battles for the Marianas · Late War Landings · Amtracs in Europe · Post-War LVT Development