Ronan 4: The Shorter Science and Civilisation in China. Volume 4. Paperback

  • Shorter Science and Civilisation in China. Volume 4. An Abridgement of J. Needham's Original Text. Engineers, Basic Mechanical Principles and Types of Machine, Land Transport, Clockwork, Windmills, Aeronautics. Paperback
  • by Colin A. Ronan
  • 350 pages, with illustrations, index, description. 1994
  • Chapter Contents
  • List of illustrations; List of tables; Preface;
  • 1. Engineers: their status, tools and materials;
  • 2. Basic mechanical principles;
  • 3. Mechanical toys and machines described in Chinese works;
  • 4. Vehicles for land transport and design of an efficient horse harness;
  • 5. Clockwork: six hidden centuries;
  • 6. Vertical and horizontal mountings, windmills and aeronautics;
  • Bibliography; Table of Chinese dynastics; Index.
  • Three previous volumes of this series by Colin Ronan are each available in hardback as well as paperback. Volume I introduces the reader to the country of China: its history, geography and language. The major part of this book is devoted to the history of scientific thought in China itself. In Volume II, the first section deals with mathematics, and this is followed by a section dealing with mathematics. Then follow sections on astronomy, meteorology and the earth sciences. The volume closes with a description of various aspects of Chinese physics. Volume III looks in some detail at one of the greatest contributions the Chinese made to physics - the discovery of the magnetic compass.