O'Connor, Cline: Amenhotep III: Perspectives on His Reign

  • Amenhotep III: Perspectives on His Reign
  • edited by David O'Connor and Eric Cline
  • 393 pages, bibliography, title- and subject index, bibliography, 32 plates with many illustrations, maps. 2001
  • Amenhotep III reigned from roughly 1391 to 1353 b.c.e. He undertook numerous campaigns in Syro-Palestine; constructed many temples, shrines, and buildings in Thebes and Memphis; and was husband to Queen Tiyi and a bevy of lesser wives. Above all, Amenhotep III encouraged foreign exploration and trade with regions far beyond Egypt's borders. This collection, edited by David O'Connor and Eric H. Cline, reveals a fascinating character, responsible in more than one way for the religious and political upheavals that occurred during the reign of his son, Akhenaten.
  • Amenhotep III begins with an overview of the pharaoh by Larry Berman, an examination of his life, his family, his reign. Betsy Bryan describes the historical antecedents of Amenhotep's rule. Ray Johnson addresses the building activities of the pharaoh before presenting a study of his carved relief decoration, with particular emphasis on the tendencies towards "Atenism." Arielle Kozloff discusses a variety of small objects, including cosmetic spoons, glass vessels, jewelry, and funerary equipment, and David O'Connor discusses city planning, building functions, and aspects of religion in light of the contemporary Egyptian worldview. Bill Murnane's chapter on government allows a fascinating glimpse of the system of government in place at the time. The book concludes with John Baines's chapter on the Amarna Age.