Essential Histories 10 American Civil War 2. The War in the West 1861 - July 1863

  • American Civil War 2. The War in the West 1861 - July 1863. Essential Histories 10
  • Paperback; September 2001; 96 pages
The American Civil War's vast Western Theater witnessed enormously important military campaigning during the period 1861 - 1863. This book, the third in a four-volume series, examines the geographical, logistical and strategic factors that shaped fighting in this theater, as well as assessing officers who played key roles . It covers the story of Ulysses S Grant's important capture of rebel positions before marching south to win the battle of Shiloh, as well as that of Albert Sidney Johnston, the pride of the Confederacy. Finally, it details the dramatic events of the siege of Vicksburg, the Confederates final fortress.
Introduction · Chronology · Warring sides: The North and South compared · Outbreak : A nation at war· The fighting: Struggle for the heartland· Common soldiers: Billy Reb and Johnny Yank at war · Portrait of a soldier: John Beatty, a Union soldier · The world around war: Societies at war · Portrait of a civilian: Kate Stone, a Confederate civilian · How the war ended: The promise of summer ·