Men-at-Arms 496. The Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine 1815. Pb

  • The Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine 1815. Men-at-Arms 496.
  • Author: Peter Hofschröer; Illustrator: Gerry Embleton
  • Paperback; October 2014; 48 pages
The Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine, led by Blücher in 1815, played a crucial part in the Allied victory at Waterloo, and was involved in intense fighting at Wavre and Ligny. Delving into original sources, including eyewitness accounts and regimental histories known only to German scholars, this book tells the story of the soldiers on the ground: how they were organised and drilled, their previous service; their march to the battlefield; and what they did when they got there. Also ideal for all those interested in the actual appearance of the Prussian soldiers in 1815, this colourful study combines the latest findings and expert analysis to cast new light on the fateful Waterloo campaign.
  • Introduction: Germany in 1814 – Prussia’s acquisitions at the Congress of Vienna – the German states of the new Confederation
  • Preparations for war – Napoleon’s return from Elba – formation of the Army of the Lower Rhine – the North German Army Corps
  • The army at the outbreak of hostilities – the men, their background, their motivation, their leaders
  • Uniforms and equipment – detailed descriptions from regimental sources
  • Drill and training – how the 1815 Regulations were amended for the reorganised army – the non-Prussian contingents
  • The army in battle – selected excerpts from after-action reports
  • Bibliography
  • Plate commentaries
  • Index