Aircraft of the Aces 80 Thomas: American Spitfire Aces of World War 2

  • American Spitfire Aces of World War 2, Aircraft of the Aces 80
  • Author: Andrew Thomas. Illustrator: Chris Davey
  • 2007; 96 pages.
The first few American volunteers in World War 2 flew Spitfires with the RAF during the Battle of Britain. Many more joined their ranks, often posing as 'Canadians', eventually forming three Eagle squadrons who earned a fierce fighting reputation. When the United States entered the war its fighter sections were issued with Spitfires and eventually the Eagle Squadrons were transferred to the Eighth Air Force. Discover the experiences of a variety of American aces in their own words through first-hand accounts, interviews and combat reports, in a thrilling read that transports the reader from the Battle of Britain to the deserts of North Africa and Fortress Europe itself.
  • Introduction
  • The volunteer tradition: the Escadrille Lafayette, the Eagle Squadrons and the first victories of future USAAF Spitfire aces
  • Eagle Squadron Spitfire aces
  • North Africa
  • Malta
  • Sicily
  • Italy
  • Appendices