Hetzron: The Semitic Languages. 2004. Hardback

  • Semitic Languages. Hardback
  • edited by Robert Hetzron
  • 592 pages. 2004. The Semitic family occupies a position of great historical and linguistic significance: the spoken and written languages of the Phoenicians, Hebrews and Arabs spread throughout Asia and northern and central Africa; the Old Semitic civilizations in turn contributed significantly to European culture; and modern Hebrew, modern literary Arabic, Amharic, and Tigrinya have become their nations' official languages.
  • The book is divided into three parts and each chapter presents a self-contained article, written by a recognized expert in the field.
  • * I. General Issues: providing an introduction to the grammatical traditions, subgrouping and writing systems of this language family.
  • * II. Old Semitic Languages
  • * III. Modern Semitic Languages
    Parts II and III contain structured chapters, which enable the reader to access and compare information easily. These individual descriptions of each language or cluster include phonology, morphology, syntax, lexis and dialects.
    Suggestions are made for the most useful sources of further reading and the work is comprehensively indexed.
  • Contents: Preface Part I. Generalities 1. Genetic subgrouping Alice Faber, Haskins Laboratories, USA 2. Writing systems Peter Daniels, USA 3. Arabic grammatical tradition Jonathan Owens, Germany 4. Hebrew grammatical tradition Arie Schippers, Netherlands
  • Part II. Old Semitic 5. Akkadian Giorgo Buccellati, UCLA 6. Amorite and Eblaite Cyrus H Gordon, USA 7. Aramaic Stephen A Kaufman, Hebrew Union College, USA 8. Ugaritic Dennis Pardee, University of Chicago 9. Ancient Hebrew Richard Steiner, USA 10. Phoenician and Canaanite Stanislav Segert, UCLA 11. Classical Arabic Wolfdietrich Fischer, Germany 12. Sayhadic (Epigraphic South Arabian) L E Kogan, Russia and A V Korotayev, Oriental Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences 13. Ge'ez (Ethiopic) Gene Gragg, University of Chicago
  • Part III. Modern Semitic 14. Arabic Dialects and Maltese Alan S Kaye, California State University at Fullerton and Judith Rosenhouse, The Technion, Haifa, Israel 15. Modern Hebrew Ruth A Berman, Tel Aviv University 16. Neo-Aramaic Otto Jastrow, University of Erlangen, Germany 17. Modern South Arabian Marie-Claude Simeone-Senelle, CNRS, France 18. Tigrinya L E Kogan, Russia 19. Tigre shlomo Raz, Tel Aviv University 20. Amharic and Argobba Grover Hudson, Michigan State University 21. Harari Ewald Wagner, Germany 22. East Gurage Ernst-August Gutt, Germany 23. Outer South Ethiopic Robert Hetzron Index