Mace: Business Arabic: An Essential Vocabulary. Paperback

  • Business Arabic: An Essential Vocabulary.
  • Mace 2008
  • Paperback, 104 pages, 198 x 129 mm

This short, accessible vocabulary of business Arabic provides learners with strictly relevant key terms for translating both from and into Arabic. Suitable for students, business people, and those working in the Middle East who have come to Arabic as non-specialists after leaving college, Business Arabic: An Essential Vocabulary will -- in contrast with traditional Arabic dictionaries -- encourage the user to deal with business terms and coinages used to express modern concepts. The book provides: * A core vocabulary of over 1300 business Arabic terms in an A-Z format, allowing for easy reference * Key vocabulary components essential to comprehend, translate, write and speak modern business Arabic * An index of all English terms translated to allow for English-Arabic searches The book is divided into the key areas covered in business Arabic: * General * Data and Communication * Finance * Insurance * Law and Contracts * Research and Production * Publicity and Sales * Storage, Transport and Travel * Personnel * Meetings and Conferences