Elite 190 US Marine Infantry Combat Uniforms and Equipment 2000-12. Pb 9781849087995

  • US Marine Infantry Combat Uniforms and Equipment 2000-12. Elite 190
  • J. Kenneth Eward
  • Paperback; September 2012; 64 pages
The US Marine Corps has been a key part of the US presence in a host of combat zones. While sharing some weapons systems with the other US Forces, the Marine Corps has developed its own distinctive approach to matters of dress, personal equipment and armament. The most important trends are a new generation of camouflage clothing, body armor, and night-vision equipment, which have transformed the appearance and capability of the individual rifleman. The men and women of the USMC have been at the forefront of these developments, utilizing innovative items of dress and equipment during their extensive service in a range of challenging environments across the world. Featuring specially commissioned full-color artwork and detailed photographs, this book explores the USMC’s key contribution to the development of the combat infantry soldier’s clothing and personal equipment in the 21st century.
  • Introduction
  • Organization of USMC infantry units
  • Introduction to uniforms and equipment: recent background – influences of other armed services US and foreign – the USMC quest for distinctive “branding” – the “private-purchase” phenomenon
  • Printed camouflage patterns – Woodland, Desert, MARPAT (temperate, desert, and snow variations)
  • Field uniforms: BDU and DCU – combat utilities – flame-resistant gear – cold
  • wet weather clothing – boots and gloves
  • Load-carrying equipment: APILCE – IIFS – MOLLE – ILBE – FSBE – approved private-purchase commercial gear
  • Protective garments and equipment: NBC – body armor – helmets – eye-protection
  • Personal electronics: communications – night vision and sights – miscellaneous
  • Weapons
  • Bibliography